Dentures and Partials

There are a number of different types of dentures and it is important to understand all your options if you need to get dentures. Here is a summary your denture options, but it is important to have a consultation with the dentist to discuss what options would be best for your mouth.

Full Denture

A Denture used to replace all the teeth in an arch (upper or lower arch).

Partial Denture
A denture used to replace some of the teeth in the mouth.

Removable Denture
A denture that is removable and is held in place by denture adhesive.

Fixed Denture
A denture anchored in the mouth by dental implants.

There are two types of fixed dentures:

  1. Implant Retained Denture – 2-3 dental implants needed for the top and 2-3 dental implants for the bottom. This is a traditional acrylic based denture that has locators (snaps) that firmly attach the denture to the dental implants. Implant retained dentures can be done for both partial and full dentures.

    Significantly better fit than adhesive secured dentures
    Cheaper than implant supported dentures

    You can still get food and debris under the acrylic plates
    Dentures will still need to be removed nightly and cleaned
    3-6 month implant healing time before the final denture can be placed

  2. Implant Supported Denture – Although this is called a denture, it is more akin to a dental bridge. No acrylic is used and they are traditionally made with a metal framework and porcelain teeth. 5-6 dental implants are needed for the top and 5-6 dental implants are needed for the bottom to secure the dentures.

    The closest you can get to natural teeth in function and appearance
    No need to remove nightly and clean

    3-6 month implant healing time before the final denture can be placed